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Chemical Health Assessments

Also known as:

  • Chemical Dependency Evaluations / Assessments
  • Rule 25 Evaluations / Assessments

Do any of the following statements apply to you?

  • I have concerns regarding my Chemical Use
  • I have unsuccessfully tried to reduce, control or stop my Chemical Use
  • I sometimes think I might have a problem with Alcohol and / or Drugs
  • I think I might need Substance Abuse Treatment
  • I want to know if I qualify for Substance Abuse Treatment
  • Family and / or Friends have told me that they’re concerned about my Chemical Use
  • Someone close to me has told me to get help for my Chemical Use
  • A mental health or medical professional recommended that I get a Chemical Health Assessment
  • My Employer, Social Services, Attorney or the Courts have instructed me to obtain a Chemical Health Assessment
  • Someone has reported that I am using Alcohol and / or Drugs and it is jeopardizing my future Employment; Divorce Proceedings, and / or Custody / Visitation / Reunification with my Children;
  • I have been charged with a DWI / DUI or other Alcohol / Drug related crime

What is a Chemical Health Assessment?

A Chemical Health Assessment is a standardized tool, used by Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselors, to assess an individual’s use of alcohol and/or other mind altering substances, to determine if the person Meets Criteria for a Substance Use Disorder.

What can I expect during my appointment?

You will meet one-to-one with a Licensed Drug and Alcohol Counselor in a Safe, Secure and Confidential setting to discuss your substance use history, the impact it has had on various aspects of your life and what your hopes are for your future. Appointments generally last about 2 hours and are usually available within 1-3 business days.

What will my Chemical Health Assessment be used for?

The results of your Chemical Health Assessment will determine if you Meet Criteria for a Substance Use Disorder and if any Services are Recommended. The Assessment can also be used to help determine if you qualify for financial assistance from your Health Insurance Company or from Rule 25 Funding to pay for services.

If another professional referred you, or if you were court ordered to have a Chemical Health Assessment done, for your convenience and with your written consent, I can provide documentation clearly stating if you Have or Have Not Met Criteria for a Substance Use Disorder, What Your Recommendations are and if any Specific Referrals for Services have been made on your behalf.

What do I do if Substance Abuse Treatment is recommended?

I can help you identify a list of possible treatment resources and can assist you in the referral process.

Why Choose Me for your Assessment?

When I do a Chemical Health Assessment, I am working as an Independent Clinician in Private Practice. I am not working as a County, State, Law Enforcement, Court or Treatment Center Employee. Why is this important? I have no biases or incentives regarding the outcome of your assessment. My results and recommendations are simply based on the information collected during the Assessment process. My only focus is on you, your needs, and what appears to be in your best interest, according to the results of your Chemical Health Assessment.

Mobile Assessments available to some public, yet confidential locations

Hospitals, Law Enforcement Centers, Attorneys Offices, Reserved Space at Your Nearest Public Library

Simply put… It’s ALL ABOUT YOU !!

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