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About Christine Ruehling, LADC

Christine Ruehling's passion is helping others overcome addiction to live a successful life in long-term recovery. Its All About You!

Welcome! My name is Christine Ruehling, and I have a passion for helping people find their calling and purpose in life after battling addiction. In my own life, finding recovery has led to a better life than I could have imagined!

I grew up in the South Metro area of Minneapolis, MN. I went to Burnsville High School, then to Mankato State and finished my studies at the University of Minnesota earning degrees in Sociology and Criminology.

I began my professional career, well over 30 years ago, first working as a Direct Care Staff and worked my way through the ranks until I became a Regional Director of a local Social Service Agency, responsible for the oversight of three Twin Cities offices.

I worked with Adolescents challenged with Emotional, Behavioral, Cognitive and Mental Health Disorders, at an Adolescent Psychiatric Hospital, and later at a Children’s Home.

I worked with Adults diagnosed with Cognitive, Behavioral, Physical, and Mental Health Disorders and Traumatic Brain Injuries, in Group Home settings, Long-Term Care Facilities, and Community Based Supported Employment Settings.

And then… I went into Recovery myself…

Christine Ruehling, LADC, Licensed Alcohol & Drug Counselor

After I got sober, I decided that I wanted to help others struggling with addiction, the way my counselors helped me. I gave up my career, returned to school at Metropolitan State University and obtained my License in Alcohol and Drug Counseling. I worked in Residential and Outpatient Treatment Centers for over 3 years before I decided to open my Private Practice.

Christine Ruehling’s Community Based Alcohol and Drug Counseling Experience

Nonprofit Experience
I worked at an Outpatient Treatment Center with a Culturally Diverse Population of men and women assisting them to address their Chemical Use issues. Many of the clients had Mental Health Diagnoses, were involved with the Criminal Justice System either on Probation or on Parole – many recently Released from Prison, some had Open Cases with Child Protection, and some were actively attempting to Break Free from Sex Trafficking or from Gang Involvement.

Treatment Center Employment
I provided Residential and Intensive Outpatient Treatment Services at a program exclusively for the LGBTQ+ population assisting them to address their Chemical and Sexual Addictions, sexual and gender identity issues, as well as their Mental Health issues in a safe and confidential environment.

I worked with women in both the Intensive Outpatient Program and the Residential Program at another treatment center to help them Recover from their Addictions, address their Mental Health issues, and start to heal from their past issues of Trauma.

County Corrections Employment
I worked at a County Jail to complete Chemical Health Assessments with the Inmates, upon their request. I provided Professional Recommendations based on the Outcome of the Assessment, made Treatment Referrals and Obtained Financial Authorization for Services, working with County, Probation, Legal and Treatment Professionals as Authorized to do so by the clients I was representing.

Christine Ruehling in Private Practice

I currently have an office in St. Paul Minnesota. I offer Substance Abuse and Recovery Counseling with a special emphasis on developing Individualized Programs of Recovery, Long-Term Recovery Maintenance and Teaching Effective Coping Skills. I work Off-Site providing Private Recovery Consultation Services to Professionals, Executives and/or their family members that desire or need a higher level of discretion with their services. Finally, all services are also offered via Telehealth (videoconferencing via your computer, tablet or smart phone on a HIPAA-compliant and secure platform).

It is within my Private Practice that I get to utilize my education and training, as well as my previous employment and personal experiences, so I can dedicate my time, and my passion to something I love. Working to Help Others to Recover from their Addictions and to Live the Lives they Deserve to Have!! I love the work I do, and I hope I have the pleasure to work with you!

Thank You!

Christine Ruehling Signature

    Learn About Recovery

    Recovery Counseling Now Offered Through Telehealth

    Due to state and federal mandates to stay at home, All About You Recovery Counseling Services is now offering counseling by telehealth to Minnesota residents.

    Why Choose All About You for Recovery Counseling?

    I am a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor, and I have been in Recovery for over 10 years. After I got sober, I left my Social Service career of over 20 years and obtained my License in Alcohol and Drug Counseling

    Do I Really Need Recovery Counseling?

    Everyone experiences challenging situations in life. You have most likely been successful in handling a variety of difficulties in the past. There’s nothing wrong with seeking out extra recovery support,