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Private Recovery Consultations

Now offering In-Person and Telehealth Services for Minnesota Residents!

All About You Recovery Counseling offers private recovery consultations at your home, office, or on the go. Private Consultations are offered in and around Minnesota's Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul.

Private Recovery Consultations help professionals, executives and their family members identify issues related to substance use and develop a solid individualized program of recovery.

We work with professionals, executives and their family members that require, or desire, a higher level of discretion in addressing their substance use issues. We will come to you, at a location that works best for you, to provide private and confidential recovery services for you and your family.

Private Recovery Consultations are always offered with the highest level of discretion.

We have experience protecting the privacy of celebrities, musicians, professional sports players, politicians, lawyers, doctors, CEO’s, and/or their family members, to name a few. We take special precautions to guard your identity and protect your information.

We also understand that your work is very important and scheduling appointments during regular business hours may not always be possible. Therefore, we offer flexible scheduling options to accommodate your needs as well.

Recovery Consultations are customized to your individual needs.

We can help you to identify the reasons that you have been using substances, help to repair damaged relationships, develop more effective coping and communication skills, identify why you have not been able to stop using on your own, and work with your family members to understand chemical use and how to support you and themselves as well.

Our consultation services are “Person Centered”, always based on your wants, needs, beliefs and preferences. We will help you to develop an Individualized Recovery Program that will fit your lifestyle and will assist you to reach and maintain long term recovery.

There is no judgement, just understanding and a desire to help, because we too have been there.

Contact us today to arrange for a free 30-minute consultation. We look forward to working with you!

    Meet Christine Ruehling, LADC

    I offer Substance Abuse and Recovery Counseling and Private Consultation Services with a special emphasis on developing Individualized Programs of Recovery, Long-Term Recovery Maintenance and Teaching Effective Coping Skills. I also offer a variety of Recovery Support Groups that offer clients a safe place to address recovery issues, help them gain new skills and develop new peer relationships; regardless of where they are on their recovery journey. And finally, I offer DMV and Court Approved Substance Use Assessments that can be used to get your Driver’s License Reinstated, obtain the Interlock System, meet the requirements from the Courts or Probation and to request funding for Substance Abuse services. My services are offered in person at my office, at a location or your choice, or via Telehealth (videoconferencing) Services.

    Learn About Recovery

    Recovery Counseling Now Offered Through Telehealth

    Due to state and federal mandates to stay at home, All About You Recovery Counseling Services is now offering counseling by telehealth to Minnesota residents.

    Why Choose All About You for Recovery Counseling?

    I am a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor, and I have been in Recovery for over 10 years. After I got sober, I left my Social Service career of over 20 years and obtained my License in Alcohol and Drug Counseling

    Do I Really Need Recovery Counseling?

    Everyone experiences challenging situations in life. You have most likely been successful in handling a variety of difficulties in the past. There’s nothing wrong with seeking out extra recovery support,